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Exhibitions & Festivals

2010  "Navie Story"- Gallerina, Bat Shlomo, Israel, 5 Israel artits


2012 "Naive of Israel"- Gina Internation Naive Gallery, Tel-Aviv, 25 Israel artists


2012 Katowice V Naif Festival, Poland, Guest country 32 Israel artists


2012 "Naive Kunst aus Israel,", Gutman Art Gallery, Berlin,  12 Israel artists


2012-2013 "Naive Light over Jerusalem" Festival , Jerusalem, 89 artists from 26 countries, 45 from Israel.


2014 BCM Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, 9 Israel artists


2014 Katowice VII Naif Festival, Poland,  16 Israel Artists


2015 Gina Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 10 Israel artists.


2015 BCM Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, 14 Israel artists


2015 Katowice VIII Naif Festival, Poland,  22 Israel artists

Grants & Awards 

2012 Guest Country in Katowice IV International Naif Art Festival 



2012 Naive Light Over Jerusalem Catalog


Hard copy can be bought by email to:




Orginizes naive art exhibitions in Israel and worldwide.


Collaborates between artists and art naive lovers.


The Visual Convention - The art force for Visaual Art Legislation in Israel




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