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About his works:


"In his painting reappears motif of relationship between pairs: men and women, father and his daughter, child and his musical instrument, using symbolic heart look alike and colors to show cross feeling between couples.


In his painting, he mixes naive painting with symbolism of feeling, like a red yellow sun, snake on a tree, mysterious shrew and card symbols, hidden heart.


His paintings document his life and especially the separation from his wife and somehow from the family, letting his feeling express in art. He documents the slow process which brought him to this state.

His Jewish ex-wife, who learn about Christianity, viewing with her church paintings, results in the painting divine love, but a suffering love. The belief that a separation will give new sun light for the couple. Nevertheless, this causes storm, remembering old feeling and family, which connects husband and wife hands like a rope and showing white lines in the women hair.A painting remembering being once spring lovers is now like a sweet memory dream.


He documents how his children handle the family taken apart. The young boy plays in free time blues with his girlfriend human like guitar. The daughter, who found support by her boyfriend, Eden, but the snake is there and may destroy the fragile  paradise. He is supporting his daughter but they are over a coconut boat. His biggest son is in the army.

It is time of war, and he sees him rather rarely, showing the boy hugging his girlfriends. From the family only the cats seems taking it easy.


The Shrew and the women in nude shows his desire to find Eden love again."

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